Vi har tre nivåer av aktiviteter, beroende på antalet elever och tillgång till datorer.

Våra idéer är flexibla och kan lätt anpassas till det du behöver i ditt klassrum.

Tier 1En dator per klassrum

The interactive activity takes place with the class as a whole. Either ‘quick quiz’ questions where students can vote by standing in a specific location or where the whole class has to work together to come up with an answer (~15-45 mins)

Tier 2 - One computer per 3-5 students

The interactive activity takes place with small groups of students. Each group is provided with a task such as:

  • Schedule and observe with the Faulkes telescope (~45 mins)
  • Determine the redshift of galaxies (~15-30 mins)
  • Rank the redshifts of galaxies and compare and contrast their environments (~30-45 mins)

Nivå 3 – En dator per elev

The interactive activity takes place where each student has their own personal computer and requires them to download specific astronomy related software (DS9). They are then given a task such as:

  • Download images of galaxies and create colour composite images (~1 hour)
  • Download images and locations to search within those images for galaxies at different redshifts (~1 hour)