The team

We are a group of enthusiastic astronomers and space lovers. We want to bring our personal experience as people and professionals to classrooms to help students understand that astronomy is for all.

We want to bring science and interactive activities into classrooms to prove to students that anyone can participate in research. We hope to break down standard barriers and mindsets such as ‘science is not for me’. In order to do this we have created a series of interactive activities connected to the Gothenburg school curriculum where students get to experience hands-on astronomy research.

Chiara Ceccobello


Chiara is a postdoc working on theoretical models of outflows of matter from black holes to evolved stars.

Dorotea Blank

School coordinator

Dorotea works operationally and strategically with school collaboration and long-term student recruitment at Chalmers.

Kiana Kade

Phd student

Kiana is a PhD student working on galaxy evolution in the first 2-3 billion years of the universe.

Robert Cumming


Robert is in charge of outreach and public engagement at Onsala Space Observatory.